The Dorset Smokery & Charcuterie Ltd

The Dorset Smokery: In June 1995, in its third major development since its inception in 1964, moved to new premises at Hurn Court Farm, which is situated in beautiful countryside on the edge of the New Forest in east Dorset. The farm buildings (built about 1878) were refurbished to their original splendour and the inside constructed to meet our requirements, the new legislation and any foreseeable EU directives regarding food processing. The operation is second to none in the whole of Wessex, if not the UK.

We also have a delicatessen showroom (Deli) on-site of approximately 120 square metres, available for in-house lunches/tastings, etc. It has a wide and varied range of specialty and exotic food products and ingredients from around the world in addition to what we produce. It is run by The Club Gourmet for its members. The goods are also available through our mail order facilities and through numerous open days throughout the year - see calendar.

In August 2004 with the increase in demand for our pates, sausages and air-dried meats etc., we added Charcuterie to our name and became The Dorset Smokery & Charcuterie.

For the last four years we have been BRC accredited which is indicative of the very high standards we opperate to and our professionalism we apply to our craft.

Following our BRC accreditation we have been able to offer a custom smoking facility where by we smoke other companies products to their specifications.

In April 2013 we organized the business forming the The Dorset Smokery and Charcuterie Limited being the main production base and The Kitchen By The Smokery LLP looking after the retail side and workshops etc.

We are BRC accredited professional commercial tradition smokers with a full range of own products.

Our Artisan Approach !

With our time-honoured techniques, we offer an astonishingly wide and varied range of unique, cooked, smoked, cured and air-dried goods, from the exotic Chanton Beef, to the most delicious humble Kipper.

Within our smoking temple the kilns in use offer the full range of traditional and state-of-the-art smoking and cooking facilities: from burning sawdust, peat and seaweed, to wood chip, to friction generated smoke from wooden blocks. These kilns (AFOS Colussus Gigantica three chamber high pressure smoker, a range of SuMann 1200's and 1300's etc) enable us to produce our extensive range of traditionally smoked products using time-honoured processes and recipes, to modern cooking and smoking techniques and their delights.

Throughout our processes our constant research into new and old techniques, new products and striving to improve existing ones, is reflected in the numerous awards bestowed on us and is indicative of our ongoing commitment to innovation and quality.

Charter of Commitment


We, at Dorset Smokery & Charcuterie guarantee that our products are produced from the finest, fresh, wholesome materials and ingredients available, and that our processes, whether traditional or state-of-the-art, use no artificial colourings, dyes or flavourings.

Our products are guaranteed through generations of dedicated commitment to tradition, our craft and our incredible skills in the pursuit of excellence.

Signed and committed to by all of our staff - The Dorset Smokery & Charcuterie Ltd and its subsidiaries: The Kitchen by The Smokery LLP., The Rustique Pate Company., The Artisan Food Centre. and The Club Gourmet.

A bit of History – fact or fiction;

In the good old days we would put Chicken at the top of the smoking trolley followed by marinated duck breast as we worked down the trolley followed by our hams etc., We would steam, cook, smoke and roast, the juices from the chicken would fall on the duck, the mixed juices from the chicken and duck would fall on the hams, so on and so forth. The result was amazing flavoursome products. Now chicken is taboo and the process not welcomed by EHO! -fact

Oak dust and chip that we used to get from an old Wood Mill in the New Forest, good green oak and seasoned oak it was just fantastic for smoking mixtures. The mill was run by a very old bloke may have been over a hundred, Bert. very helpful in his own cantankerous way. When the EU stated that we had to get certification that the oak dust and chip we use comes from a tree, I toddled off down there to see Burt and asked if he had certification. His reply was ####$$$$ EU ***** and ******====EU$$$$, so I said ‘does that mean NO’, and went off to find another supplier. We then used a company in Telford but they had problems with dusk extraction and closed. We now use a company in Chester, Cheshire who import it from Germany! Yes we now import sawdust from Germany. - fact